Welcome Softkey Education

Human being is learning through organs of sense like eyes, ears and body as a whole (touch sensation) so we are mainly accustomed with tangible learning .So when we go to the learning modern subjects through intangible ways like learning we have to do much efforts to create natural aptitude and learning ability to associate abstract ideas with tangible representation and fortunately modern technology help us to provide various medium to ease this process like texts, images, sound and visuals in form of: E-books along with guidelines, 2D & 3D Animated Lessons, Recorded Online Video Tutorials comprising sound and visuals, etc. so these are our Academic Resources.

Thus, we are employing these latest technologies in our teaching with the help of custom education software which allow us to place everything in an interactive user interface and create a solid channel of communication between faculties and students that fills the void of classroom teaching and even gives more than that through multimedia presentations.

Therefore, we are more concentrated on making our academic resources more powerful, efficient and effective rather than investing in buildings and other infrastructure facilities for on-campus teaching hence we are capable to offer quality education at cheaper rates than traditional one. In this modern era the widespread use of computing devices like desktops, laptops and handheld tablets as well as easy availabilities of the internet is making our daunting tasks of teaching easier and faster than ever.

Education For Whom

In this fast paced life children are in a hurry to grow up, to have a job, to live like a grown up, they marry early, they start working early, and for that they drop out of schools or colleges. After settlement they understand the importance of a high school degree or a college degree or technical degree in their fields where they have left mid-way. For these people we are the best alternative to pick up where they left off. Many are starting earning after their degree due to economic, social or other reasons but wish to get advancement in their career. Some people are in the job but stuck at some point and now want to change the path of their career to go to promising field.

Smart people who wish to keep pace with time and looking for more promising opportunities through advancements in their knowledge and degree.

The disables that can’t attend the traditional classes but have resources to carry forward their career.

What We Dos

Softkey India offers an opportunity to overcome the constraints of and time. Softkey India let program takers to plan their own schedule and choose subjects, topics, places to study and environment. Softkey India offer flexibilities in learning as students can read, listen or see the interactive and live lessons repeatedly until they comprehend them fully. Softkey India offer saving of time, efforts (commute to access classes) and money (due to our affordable fee structure). Softkey India offer 24X7X365 supports. Above the all Softkey India grants a valid degree that giants in related industry accept willingly as they seek people with solid knowledge and practical experiences to solve their problems.