Let’s introduce us little bit formal and informal ways

A warm welcome at Softkey India, We are proud to present three outstanding divisions of Softkey group of companies. Foremost among them is the “Softkey Education” imparting education in Engineering & Management on a education And Correspondence basis. Another offshoot is “Softkey InfoTech” specializing in IT industry and providing valuable technical solution to aspirants of IT specialization.

The final one is Softkey Businesses which is promoted for business development via campus interviews and subsequent placement in corporate houses in order to provide jobs & uplift to hundreds of needy students all over India. We, therefore, as a group of companies is totally focused on quality education along with placements for everyone in need.

By catering the pedagogic, know-how and developmental requirements of a person, people and businesses through affordable and accessible Learning Programs by eliminating a break in ongoing career.

Our Faculty

  • Our faculty provide real-life examples for the well learned principles
  • Our faculty takes the time to provide value to the concepts being learned so our students rarely hate the lessons because in life, value is everything
  • Our faculties are effective communicators so reasonably they expect their students to learn and understand the topics they teach in the teaching modules
  • Our faculty develops skills in providing value to our students so they have an incentive to learn challenging programs and perhaps have “feeling” that he/she is beginning to enjoy learning
  • Finally our faculties are real life heroes so they make students rough & tough to bear the stresses of the fiercely competitive environment at all fronts of life

Our Services

  • The regular course updates
  • Access and submit assignments is easy and one click away
  • Give exams is stress-free experience
  • Persistent availability of faculties to live chat, instant messaging or email to make students more comfortable
  • Online meeting makes project planning implementation much better & faster
  • Synchronous (real-time, live interaction) and asynchronous (delayed) communication
  • Public and private communications with faculties 
  • Setup of discussion board